3 PAULY – Enjoyment at first glance

With 3 PAULY, you see at your first glance what you will enjoy without a care in the world. No matter if you’re interested in gluten-free, lactose-free, yeast-free or low fructose, with whole grains or high-quality fibre – our easy to read dot system lets you know! The coloured dots are supplemented by a list of other allergenic substances that we have consciously left out of our recipes.

For this reason, in our highly diversified range of tasty breads, bakery goods, snacks and pasta products you will never lose your orientation – because we want you to enjoy every day.

The most significant aspects in production are specially selected raw materials, continuous checks and particularly strict quality guidelines for maximum safety. We do this because for those with allergies or coeliac disease it is crucial that they can depend on 3 PAULY quality.  The 3 PAULY bakery has been in existence since 1934, and they have always specialised in high-quality baked goods.  Starting in 2001, Haus Rabenhorst assumed responsibility for 3 PAULY distribution and brand management.

Creative products, a great deal of information and many different recipes can be found at www.3pauly.de.

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