Rotbäckchen is one of the few brands that has stayed the same as it ever was for decades: a seal of quality for healthy, natural nutrition. The idea for the brand was generated at the beginning of the 1950s, during the post-war period, to offer families a healthy, strength-building juice for an optimum supply of vitamins and minerals – so that the generation of that time as well as today could “hand down the best”.

To ensure that this is possible, the high-quality juices are subject to the strictest quality guidelines. The selected fruits are processed with great care to produce the popular Rotbäckchen juices. This is how the Rotbäckchen specialists can guarantee that each individual product that leaves the company is a top quality, premium item. Only high-quality, directly extracted juices are used in the entire product range of Rotbäckchen juices.

Based on the knowledge foundation of modern nutritional science, more new and unique products have been created in addition to the Rotbäckchen classics. These are juices which taste absolutely great and which are ideally suited to today’s various needs.

Rotbäckchen – handing down the very best.

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