Haus Rabenhorst by the numbers

The Rabenhorst, Rotbäckchen and 3 PAULY brands are sold by 51 active partners in 39 countries.

Far more than 1,200 tons of berries (mountain cranberries, cranberries, blueberries, blackberries and elderberries) are pressed by the Haus Rabenhorst company every year.

At least 1,400 tons of apples (including those from meadow orchards) are delivered to the Haus Rabenhorst company in the fall and their aroma transforms the company grounds into a pure apple oasis. A total of approx. 55 full truckloads of 25 tons of apples each are delivered from producers.

210 km would be the length of a row of Rabenhorst bottles if they were all taken off of our high-rack warehouse shelves and lined up.

250 tons of cherries, primarily from fruit farmers in the Rhineland, are delivered to the Haus Rabenhorst company every year, where they are carefully pressed.

6 million litres of juice is the total capacity of the tanks in the cellar of the Haus Rabenhorst company.

We produce and distribute approx. 10 million litres of directly extracted juice each year.