Company History

The company’s history goes back over 200 years and started in 1805. Pastor Lauffs founded this family company as a winery. Some 93 years later, the family came up with a great idea: they pasteurised grape juice, which they successfully sold as "alcohol-free wine". In 1898, the innovation of supplying juices that could be stored for long periods was unique in the world – and it provided the foundation for this highly specialised producer of premium juices.  

Today Haus Rabenhorst is a company with many proven and innovative brands, which are all associated with natural, healthy, high-quality foods.


1805Pastor Johann-Heinrich Lauffs (1761-1837) founds a winery in Oberwinter.
1885Oskar Lauffs relocates the company to Unkel, under the new name "Haus Rabenhorst"
1898Alexander Lauffs (1865-1951) starts making "alcohol-free wines". The new method discovered by Louis Pasteur is used to preserve the grape juice "Roter Rabenhorster" ("Red Rabenhorst”) so that it can be stored.
1920The brothers Günther (1901-1990) and Walther Lauffs (1903-1981) begin their careers at the company. They advocate healthy, natural nutrition.
1952“Rotbäckchen”, the popular, classic juice, is bottled for the first time.
1969Controlled, organic contract cultivation begins. A research contract with the University of Kassel is made, starting many years of cooperation. Since then, Haus Rabenhorst has been a trailblazer in the organic field.
2000Acquisition of the market rights of a baked goods and pasta product range under the brands “3Pauly” and “Flemming Naturkorn”.
2005Haus Rabenhorst celebrates its 200th birthday.
2007Rotbäckchen juice is introduced at retails stores and chemist’s shops.
2008The Federal President of Germany honours Haus Rabenhorst as a “Selection Location” in the context of the “Germany, Land of Ideas” campaign and the company celebrates with a huge family party.
2009Advertising for Rotbäckchen juice resumes: first on the radio, then on TV. Rabenhorst becomes the official supplier of the International Film Festival in Berlin.
2010Haus Rabenhorst is awarded the environmental prize of the Rhineland-Palatinate.
2011Rotbäckchen Immunstark juice is selected as the health food product of the year in 2011 and in 2012 it is honoured as the Bio (organic) brand of the year. In 2012 Rotbäckchen becomes the juice brand of the year in Germany’s pharmacies for the first time.
2012Haus Rabenhorst celebrates the 60th birthday of Rotbäckchen juice. In addition, the company wins the 2012 brand award for the market introduction of Rotbäckchen juice.
2014For its outstanding product quality, Haus Rabenhorst is awarded a national prize for fruit juices by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) for the fourth time. This prize is the highest honour that a German food producer can receive. Rotbäckchen juice is selected for the third time in a row as the fruit juice of the year in German pharmacies.